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6 Ways To Create Healthy Mental & Physical Habits During a Pandemic

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

This pandemic has shifted what a regular “work day” looks like almost across the board for every career. I, personally, have shifted to a part-time in-clinic basis and am working virtually behind the computer to treat patients. This has changed my outlook on the importance of having structure while WFH looks like entirely — especially during a pandemic.

The first few days were great! I had all this “time” and I could and work on my computer from whatever room I wanted to! From someone who used to be on their feet from 7 am to 7 pm, this was welcomed.

Then the two-month mark hit. Almost 60 days. The start of new habits I did not know had been brewing. Decreased physical activity, less standing time, more time to scroll Twitter and keep checking the fluid COVID-19 news, and reflecting on the social oppression going on in our world. I found myself feeling stressed about the uncertainty, worried about things out of my control, and I was unproductive! My mind was busy and my body was not, which only affected my mood and well-being. That is when I realized I needed structure. It was time to kick the new habits that were creeping up on me without knowing.