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What truly determines your Health and Wellness?

Exercise, healthy choices, good nutrition, good mental health, and access to good healthcare will GENERALLY set you up for a healthy lifestyle right?

Yes but….it’s much more than that. Which I always harp on because it can SEEM like you have ALL your boxes checked i.e. workouts, food, sleep, bills - but stress and anxiety are at an all-time high.

Well, this can affect your mental and physical wellness. It can affect sports participation. It can affect athletic performance. It can severely impact your ability to simply be.

- Depression & anxiety are associated with increased perception of pain severity.⁣

- Prolonged duration of acute pain leads to increased mood dysregulation.⁣

- Chronic pain is common in up to 70% of patients with depressive/anxiety disorders⁣

- Musculoskeletal recovery is complicated & is rarely associated with only 1 factor.

The graphic above (credit: Kaiser Family Foundation) shows how health & wellness outcomes are affected beyond the old physical activity and nutrition. We’re talking about the whole shebang—spiritual, occupational, psychological, physical, environmental, and social fulfillment the “Social Determinants of Health” as we like to call them.

Life can be challenging, and stress is a common experience. External factors such as depression, anxiety, family issues, and financial struggles can take a toll on our well-being.

Recognizing the impact these circumstances can have on our success and overall wellness is essential.

Try embracing a more conscious approach next time you feel like your wellness efforts aren’t getting anywhere. PTs can help find resources.

Proactively make choices that contribute to your well-being in all dimensions that most relate to YOU and YOUR needs - not the ones social media tries to sell you.

Save this Reminder from a physical therapist that cares about how your mind & body are doing outside of your workouts, too.

Which boxes affect your health the most? For me lately, it’s neighborhood & physical environment and stress.


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