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Working from Home



Whether your desk is in a corporate building or a home office, maintaining a workspace that encourages proper physical care is essential to good health. And when things go wrong, it can lead to physical discomfort that never seems to abate. Neck pain, wrist pain, back pain, and "my foot starts to tingle when I get to sending emails..." With new work-from-home requirements, who knows how long you'll be at your new desk? These are just some of the ways a poorly designed space can negatively impact your everyday work and home life. 

That’s why Dr. Leada Malek offers virtual ergonomic assessments. Her goal is help clients reduce and possibly eliminate many of the chronic aches and pains that can inhibit performance. She looks at many of the root causes of these pains and makes practical recommendations that can provide immediate relief in many instances. These adjustments include repositioning equipment, modifying posture, and reducing pain-inducing movements. Once your virtual ergonomic assessment is complete, we can even provide you with a copy of the session so you can easily reference your individual recommendations. 

 Our virtual ergonomic assessments teach clients how to perfect their work-from-home and in-office setup to improve posture, reduce pain, and take control of their entire office space. Dr. Malek earned her doctorate from Samuel Merritt University and is a board-certified physical therapist who specializes in sports therapy. Along with appointments focusing on ergonomics, we also offer a variety of other services that can help reduce pain or even improve your physical performance. We book online physical therapy appointments to help clients return to form and live a life with less pain. There are also performance-training services available where your coach is also our licensed physical therapist. For more information on any of the services we offer, send an email to with your request in the subject header. 

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