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What They’re Saying

Dr. Malek has done more for my body than any other PT, and I've seen A LOT. As a professional dancer, I not only need excellent diagnostic care for a quick yet thorough recovery, but also highly-informed preventative care. With Dr. Malek, I feel heard and understood (an anomaly in healthcare) and I know this because of how well I've finally recovered after back-to-back ACL surgeries with 2+ years of complications. She never gets defeated, she is persistent yet flexible, and she is undeniably invested and engaging - I genuinely have fun during our time together :) Some days I regain strength, some days I just find hope, but no matter what I come out of my PT with something! I cannot recommend Dr. Malek enough. My only regret is not seeing her sooner.

Natalie, San Francisco

Dr. Malek is an outstanding physical therapist and trainer. Her genuine care and compassion allow her to connect with clients on a deeper level. You know that she cares about you beyond your injuries. By taking the time to get to know each of her patients, Dr. Malek provides solutions in a manner that motivates each of them to do what is needed. I have seen Dr. Malek for a variety of injuries and she never ceases to amaze me, each and every time I return to sports and activity stronger and more aware of my abilities than before. I am excited to continue working with Dr. Malek as my trainer to improve my performance and strength as an athlete (maybe this way she won't have to see me post-op anymore).

Alex, San Francisco

I am currently doing virtual rehab right now with Dr. Malek for a pulled hamstring/hip and I have had the BEST experience so far and am seeing significant progress each week. Dr. Malek listens to everything I say and responds to each point I bring up. I feel like she actually cares about my recovery and well being! She is also like a friend and I feel comfortable sharing my concerns/feedback with her about my body as needed. Once I recover, I am planning on signing up for Dr. Malek's personal training program as well.

Ariana, Los Angeles

I've been feeling asymmetrical weaknesses for years. I got in the squat rack an hour after my first virtual session with Dr. Malek and noticed the difference right away. My movement is more symmetrical and any asymmetry I notice, I feel I understand it and know how to resolve it. Dr. Malek listens attentively, explores the options, guides you, hears your feedback, and modifies accordingly. All this while clearly explaining the mechanics of the body. I'm excited to try and learn more and confident I can get whatever results I wish for!

Kelly, San Francisco

I started working with Dr. Malek following an ankle surgery two years ago.  From the minute we met, I knew that I was in good hands.  After a thoughtful evaluation, Dr. Malek put together a highly personalized care plan that had me active again in no time.  She is such a pleasure to work with that I actually enjoy going to my PT appointments!

Without her help, I would not be able to pursue my passions of snowboarding, scuba diving, and biking.  Thank you Leada!

Bryan, San Francisco

My calf feels so much stronger and I'm walking longer and easier. The exercises and guidance are really helping! Thank you so, so much, Dr. Malek!

Kevin, San Francisco

Dr. Malek was able to diagnose my sudden foot pain over email! I took a break from mileage for three days and did the prescribed pain relief exercises (her exact recommendation), and I was able to run again with modified distance after!

Kristen, San Francisco

Dr. Malek has been A BLESSING. I wrote a few months ago when I was starting with Dr. Malek. Since then she has been able to pin point an issue I didn’t even know I had via our virtual appointments. She is so smart that even when I assume things she can figure out the REAL matter at hand. On a road to recovering my disc and have seen so much improvement in my injury and abs after 3 weeks.

Ariana, San Francisco

I ended up with a rotator cuff impingement from bad ergonomics after moving to a home office (and a lot of spring cleaning and gardening).  When it failed to get better, I started with an in person PT, but wasn't that satisfied. I was referred to Leada by another PT who knew about her virtual practice.  I had 8 weekly sessions with Leada. She was very thorough in her explanations about what was going on with my shoulder and how the exercises would help.  She has a very encouraging and engaging style, which helped to keep me going and doing the exercises between sessions (her cheerleading when I reported I had done them or even when I lapsed a little was very helpful.)  After each session, she emailed me photos and explanation of the exercises which helped me remember the instructions. She would then finetune the next time to make sure I was doing them correctly.  She is very adept at watching over Zoom to see what I needed to do differently and to assess how I was doing.After about 5 or 6 sessions, she told me my recovery would speed up in the next few weeks.  I was a little skeptical because I had made progress but it seemed like it would take longer than that. So I was pleasantly surprised when she turned out to be right.  I was back to 95% recovered after 8 weeks and even better since then.  I was able to stop PT and get back to doing the things I had stopped doing. 
I highly recommend Dr. Leada Malek for virtual PT.  Just get in touch with her - you won't regret it!

Catherine, Sebastopol

Dr. Malek joined our agency for a "Take Care of Yourself Tuesday" session on Zoom. She provided a thorough set of stretches and mobility exercises to address desk pain and tightness due to working from home. We even received a copy of the presentation with detailed to look back on for ease of reference. Several employees that attended the session found it to be very helpful and addressed many of the issues they're having. Thank you Dr. Malek for helping us understand how to address and correct our desk posture and pains!

Bianca, Denver, CO

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