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I'm listening.

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

While you’re explaining your situation with feelings from fear and uncertainty to enthusiasm and ambition, your physical therapist is listening and formulating a plan in their head.

While I’m nodding, smiling, sympathizing/empathizing, and being mindful of my body language to make sure it matches my purpose, I’m also clinically reasoning through each word you say to help me understand your case.

I’m scanning through an extensive mental library of human anatomy/physiology, possible hypotheses of pain generators, prognostic factors and treatments of what may fit for YOU while I listen and make sure you feel heard.

Then we formulate a plan - using words you understand - that allows you to regain control of your body, get strong, and overcome this mentally & physically.

The goals of PT are usually fairly simple (i.e. move well & get strong), but each person is unique. The process is detailed to honor the complexity of the human body and the uniqueness of yours.

There’s levels to this. Quality counts, and I’m picky about it. No one size fits all, as close as it may get. And it’s a two-person job. But when you reach THAT moment where you finally do that thing you love without even thinking of why you CAN’T do it.. it makes the details worth it

This is physical therapy. As transparent as can be.

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