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The Evolution of My "Good Workout"

BUT THE GYM! It’s quarantine! What is a work out? 😰 Am I doing enough?  Listen, your definition can change. It’s allowed to change. You’re allowed to like things and you’re allowed to hate them. You’re allowed to feel confused about a type of workout and feel unsure if you’re doing enough because the “results aren’t there yet” or your mile time is less than it used to be. 

Here’s evolution of my definition of a “good workout.” My current status: total workout junkie BTW. Teens: When I played club volleyball for what seemed like forever, being out of breath with a drenched shirt, floor burns on my knees and elbows from diving all over the court, and legs being fatigued as hell the next day — THAT was a torture, but I assumed it was my form of exercise, and a good one. It was my identity- a volleyball player. 💪🏼 Besides, I could throw down food. Like, pizza, burger, Chipotle, ALL the foods.

College (The Start): …no more volleyball 5x/week? What do you mean I have to EXERCISE? Fine… I’ll eat a salad with my college diet. 

College (As I earned my B.S. in Exercise & Sport Science): I knew exercise was good but I didn’t know it was THIS GOOD! Yes! Exercise is everything! I can do so much! Abs & glutes — every day all the time! You get a workout! You get a workout! EVERYONE gets a workout! PT school: I am so stressed I need at least 30–60 min of a circuit and all compound movements bc time, even after 10 hrs of class and 5 cups of coffee. NOW: I’ve experimented with heavy resistance training, more cardio routines, and I, PERSONALLY, look and feel my best with a mix. I like circuits, but I 🌟listen to my body. 🌟If I’m tired, it’s an easy day. Yoga is the only thing that slows me down but still gives me the post-workout endorphins. Admittedly, my consistency sucks but I’m workin on it Feeling sluggish but think you should work out? Work out a little. Want a 🍩 and a rest day? GET THAT 🍩 AND CHILL. You’re motivated by muscles? Get it then. Do what you need to do so you can keep moving but also feel good on the inside and have FUN doing whatever it is. Look in the mirror and love yourself for how GOOD YOU FEEL. Because let me tell you, the health benefits go way beyond how strong you look. ☀️ 

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