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The Evolution of My "Good Workout"

BUT THE GYM! It’s quarantine! What is a work out? 😰 Am I doing enough?  Listen, your definition can change. It’s allowed to change. You’re allowed to like things and you’re allowed to hate them. You’re allowed to feel confused about a type of workout and feel unsure if you’re doing enough because the “results aren’t there yet” or your mile time is less than it used to be. 

Here’s evolution of my definition of a “good workout.” My current status: total workout junkie BTW. Teens: When I played club volleyball for what seemed like forever, being out of breath with a drenched shirt, floor burns on my knees and elbows from diving all over the court, and legs being fatigued as hell the next day — THAT was a torture, but I assumed it was my form of exercise, and a good one. It was my identity- a volleyball player. 💪🏼 Besides, I could throw down food. Like, pizza, burger, Chipotle, ALL the foods.